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QUOTA SYSTEM -The division

The quota or the reservations is quiet popular in India now a days. What does it actually mean?? According to wikipedia quota means

Reservation in Indian law is a form of affirmative action whereby a percentage of seats are reserved in the public sector units, union and state civil services , union and state government departments and in all public and private educational institutions, except in the religious/ linguistic minority educational institutions, for the socially and educationally backward classes of citizens or the SC or ST who were inadequately represented in these services and institutions.

Caste is the factor mainly which is used as the basis of these reservations. We have SCs, STs, OBCs and then also the generals. Now here in the definition given by the wikipedia, its given “Backward classes”. The point of discussion is why were they considered the backward classes.

  • They were the ones who were not able to come up in the society because of the so called upper classes.
  • This also made them a weaker and also the poor section of the society

But as of now, this has changed, not everywhere in India, but most of the parts. The backward classes people are now coming up and becoming richer. This is something because of the quota system. But I found as a general you feel humiliated and also as an Indian you fell humiliated. As a general I don’t say don’t give quotas or finishing off quotas, but I think things should change much faster than they have. There are many flaws in the quota system, some of which I have tried to gather.


  • First and the most important one, it divides us (Indians) into different castes, classes etc. etc. Is this what we want!!!
  • quotas are not in the primary education but are in the higher education. Now this ruins everything. The person who can get primary education has more chances to get secondary education. People who are living in the villages are not getting education. The children there are going straight to the farms at the age of schooling. They are the ones who are needed to be lifted up. Not the ones who are getting the primary education from a very respected school in big cities.
  • The quotas may benefit the SCs and STs to get admissions, but when it comes to job recruitment, the company don’t have quotas. So, only the better persons would get job. You may say this is fair enough, but what is the fault of the person without quota, who doesn’t even get admission.!
  • There are many poor people who fall under the general caste. But they don’t get the benefit.

I don’t say that SCs ,STs or OBCs are not poor or they don’t need quota. I say that there are still more poor people who fall under the reserved classes, but we can’t skip the ones who fall under general and are poor.

Also there are people who fall under general category but don’t get good colleges that they deserve.

Why are we dividing ourselves on the name of developing?? Why can’t we consider ourselves as one single nation?? Why can’t the person who deserves get what he deserves??



  1. I guess this was the first ”USEFUL” post of our blog. We really need some like these. Reservations used to be necessary at the time of independence, but I don’t think we need them now.

    If govt. really want to help the worthy ones, the reservation should be based on the basis of financial position and not on the basis of caste. But the main problem here is the corrupt politics, issues of vote banks of SC/ST/OBCs.

    • i totally agre to the disscussion. these quotas have made the general catogory as the backword classes.. what the hell is tis quota for? till a certain percent it is alright but today there is more than forty percent of quota seats in entrance examinations .. if tis continue a day is not far when general category wil require a quota for them.

  2. first of all i will like to thank u to write on dis topic.
    i think these caste systems{sc,st,obc, general} were made to uplift d poor persons in society long time ago in our constitution.well d govt approach was good to uplift d poor but in today’s india d rich persons are getting benefits in d name of soo called [sc ,st obc] n general caste peole a lacking behind.
    D only solution of dis problem is dat “sc ,st,obc “tags r given to those only who deserve them not to passed from generations to generations.aur mere hisaab se to “atleast education sys main is ghatiya cheez ko lana nahi chahiye”.atleast ek hi cheez [education]main toh india aage hai use bhi ye sab spoil karna chahte hai.i wish only loyal n honest youths should be included in politics not “oldies n correpted one”

  3. surprisingly…In Mumbai…along with quotas like SC,SC etc..they also have quotas like sindhi,marvari,gujarti,marathi…I was shocked to see this.I mean..wat d come they need a quota?

  4. @intutius
    ithink the time has come to stop blaming anyone else for our problems….we ,the people of india are responsible for this and every other problem…..and we have to do something…..but still …we cant take off the “CREDIT” from the corrupt politics…yes they r surely responsible but so r we…

    first of all thanx for a BIG comment……quota systems were implied only for few yrs by the first govt. of the republic of india…..but its still on n on ….for the political “game”….i agree india is good in the education system….but there are people who wont understand that they r ruining it…..

    thats really surprising ..!!!! wat the hell is going on …..quotas for marathi gujrati sindhi marvari !!!!! and then we come out and say that we r a nation !!!
    This is shocking..!!

  5. “Quota System-The Division” is a very good article…It really kindles the Hearts towards Nation’s condition!
    Maybe this’s new (i mean,splittin up of students into castes)to N.Indians…
    But i would like to add here that,in Tamil Nadu,quota system is being followed ever since some 1960’s…so students here are used to this…:(
    anywayz,i’d like not to go deep into that now!!
    for my GD,this article i read was way useful

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